After the birth of my firstborn, I began to work on this website so that my soon-to-be-a-mom friends could have an easily-accessible list of items I found helpful as a new mother. Since so many products have affiliate programs, I thought it'd be smart to give back to new moms through this website. This website's profit is donated to new mothers in need. I link directly to the makers of products when they have the best price or if they're a small business. If the price is lowest on Amazon, I have associate links that earn from qualifying purchases. Sometimes there's a referral link with money off (like Thinx) and I do that because I cannot find any other way to get a discount. If you have a link or code for a new mother to purchase these products for less (or a more responsible company with a similar item), please contact me at and I will update the site.

This page describes why I found every item on this page useful.